Eco Friendly Practices

At ginger lily events & florals, our love of the beauty of flowers compels us to share with others the bounty of “unclaimed” flowers from our events.  We have and continue to make arrangements to take these extra flowers to assisted living or nursing homes, the local VA hospital, homeless shelters and other places where the flowers can continue to be enjoyed and hopefully help in the healing process.

On one visit to an assisted living home we serve, we took a large arrangement from a rehearsal dinner which was comprised primarily of sunflowers, zinnias and queen anne’s lace.  Talking with the older people as they came up and admired the beautiful flowers and told of stories about remembering these particular flowers in their pasts was a special treat.

On another trip, we had taken a large number of sunflower table arrangements to be distributed among the residents and displayed in the common areas.  The staff wanted to take one of them to a particular lady who had mentioned to them that she loved sunflowers.  She was a hospice patient.  When we came to retrieve the vases, we were told she had passed.  Her opportunity to enjoy those bright sunflowers in her final days with us is a special memory and drives us to continue to provide these flowers when possible.

On a recent trip to one of the assisted living facilities we serve,  we brought in a huge buffet arrangement from a noon wedding that afternoon.  The greeter at the home assured us how much the residents have enjoyed the previous flowers we have brought and are always happy to see and enjoy more of them.  Dorothy, one of the residents came up and enjoyed touching and smelling the fresh flowers.  It is a good feeling to share the beauty and freshness of flowers in a place where many of the residents might not get that opportunity very often.

Giving Back to the Earth

My love of gardening inspires me to be a good steward of what God has given us.  At ginger lily events & florals we compost our unused flower parts & recycle the cardboard, wrappings and trays the flowers come in.  My garden is the appreciative recipient of the wonderful compost that results.  At ginger lily being green isn’t a new idea.  I have been taught since a little girl to use what you have wisely, take care of what you have been entrusted with, and share with others when you are able.  We do our best to follow these guidelines in our business as well.