What makes Ginger Lily unique in Atlanta?

  • Personal Service: We work one-on-one with all of our brides and listen to each idea or concept. Once your wedding ideas have been shared with us, we will provide you with suggestions to make your dream wedding become a reality. However, it is your wedding. The bride’s desires always come first. For brides who are not really familiar with flowers and/or do not really know what they want, we work with them to discover their “style” and then create the wedding flowers to create the ambiance that reflects it.
  • Onsite Visits: Ginger visits every ceremony and wedding site before meeting with our brides if the site is new to us, to make sure we bring relevant and thoughtful ideas to the first consultation. This expedites planning. We will also arrange to meet on site with brides as needed once plans are underway.
  • Flower Supplier Visits: As plans begin, brides who would like a first hand look at all the flower possibilities may make a visit with us to our flower supplier. The session is optional, but  it provides the bride an opportunity to handpick flowers, colors and textures for her bridal bouquet and wedding flowers. While magazine clippings are a great starting point for many brides, hands-on “play-time” at the florist provides for a creative experience insuring that each bride gets what she wants and sees possibilities that she might not be aware of. Many brides are not super familiar with flowers. There are many flowers, colors, textures, pods and berries at the wholesaler that one may not realize are available for the asking. This trip is an opportunity to see and experience floral elements that can truly customize your wedding flowers.
  • After the Wedding: Flowers are beautiful, but  they do not last forever. As part of our services and eco-friendly practices, we love to give back. Brides and her family are welcome to take all flowers home following the wedding. However, often there are more flowers than can be distributed to family and friends following the event. We are happy to coordinate the delivery of “unclaimed” flowers to a local nursing home or hospital where their beauty can be enjoyed a little longer.
  • Eco-Friendly: Ginger Lily is dedicated to eco-friendly practices. All clippings and leftover stems are composted. Ginger’s personal garden is the happy recipient of the company’s “black gold.”  We also reuse materials for packing and transport, and recycle flower boxes and trays.